SNRIU Chairperson Discussed Implementation of ISF-2 and CSFSF with the President of Holtec International

Serhiy Bozhko, Chairperson of the State Nuclear Regulatory Inspectorate of Ukraine (SNRIU), and Kris Singh, President and Chief Executive Officer of Holtec International, discussed implementation of the Interim Spent Fuel Storage Facility (ISF-2) and Centralized Spent Fuel Storage Facility (CSFSF).

The meeting was held in Kyiv at the end of last week. Kris Singh informed Ukrainian colleagues that Holtec International was taking all possible measures to find the funding needed for CSFSF implementation.

The SNRIU presented revised approaches to the state review of documents submitted to the regulator and its technical support organization (SSTC NRS). The main objective is to simplify mechanisms of interaction between the operator and regulator, and to make the review procedure more transparent. In particular, categorization of comments on the documents was introduced:

  1. Comments that do not allow the document to be accepted, as there are inconsistencies with standards and rules of nuclear and radiation safety;
  2. Comments that allow the document to be accepted with certain conditions;
  3. Comments that have recommending nature.

Kris Singh highly appreciated this innovation and told that Holtec International introduced the practice of holding information visits and workshops for experts of the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission at enterprises of the company in order to receive detailed information on the manufacturing process, quality system, approaches to ensuring nuclear and radiation safety, etc.

It is recommended that such events be held for experts of the SNRIU and SSTC NRS in both Ukraine and the USA.

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