Implementation of “Support to Radioactive Waste Management in Ukraine” Project started at Chernobyl NPP

The international technical assistance project is financed from the funds of Commission of the European Communities (European Commission) under the Program “Instrument for Stability and Nuclear Safety (ISNS)”. The Contractor for work performance is “Plejades GmbH – Independent Experts” company, Germany.

The project objective is to improve safety and economic efficiency during management of all types of radioactive waste in Ukraine and, particularly, orientation of all kinds of works to minimize waste generation. Besides that, there is a long-term goal, i.e. continuous and safe disposal of radioactive waste.

The project is expected to complete in April 2017 in several stages, among which there are creation of standardized containers and equipment for waste management and transportation; optimization of transportation flow chart; creation of tools and software to survey places of containment and temporary storage facilities for radioactive waste; safety assessment of temporary radioactive waste containment facilities (TRWCF); safety assessment of radioactive waste disposal facilities (RWDF) “Podlesnyi” and “ChNPP Generation 3”; determination of required measures on improving physical protection systems of RWDF “Buryakovka”; and creation of comprehensive safety assessment of “Vektor” complex facilities.

Except for SSE ChNPP, the assistance recipients under the project are SSE “Central Enterprise for Radioactive Waste Management”, NAEC “Energoatom”, Nuclear Research Institute of NAS of Ukraine, SC UkrSA “Radon”.

It is expected that the project implementation, in general, will have a positive impact on development of radioactive waste management system in Ukraine and will give an improvement of safety conditions of the radioactive waste management facilities.

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