The 35th ESARDA Annual Meeting

On 27-30 May, 2013 the 35th ESARDA Annual Meeting was held. Safeguards and nuclear non-proliferation were the core issues at this meeting. It gave participants an opportunity to exchange information on new aspects of international safeguards and non-proliferation, as well as recent developments in nuclear safeguards and non-proliferation related research activities and their implications for the safeguards community.

The experts from research organisations, safeguards authorities and nuclear plants were gathered within this conference. Interdisciplinary environment stipulated active discussion on new elaborations in safeguards and non-proliferation sphere with both political and technological accents.


During this conference distinguished speakers shared with participants their views, technical solutions on resolving current safeguards and non-proliferation challenges. Despite safeguards, safety and security were also considered. One of the sessions was dedicated particularly to the interrelation/synergy between those three elements. The 3 S synergy recognized by the international community as an efficient approach towards prevention and mitigation of accidents, proliferation resistance and reduction the threats of unauthorized acts involving nuclear materials and facilities. The practical implementation of this concept is under consideration. One of the ways to do so is through nondestructive testing (NDT) application. Presentation on this topic was prepared by editor Dmytro Chumak and representative of Tomsk Open Laboratory for Material Inspection Dmytro Sednev. The attention in this presentation was stressed mostly to the possibility of NDT application for Dry Intermediate Storage casks (DIS) as one of the problematic areas within the waste management. And as an outcome of this presentation was conclusion, that with enhancement verification system of DIS for safeguards by application migration race the mutual improvement safety inspection and national system of accountancy and control for security are obvious.

Additional Information

ESARDA is an association of European organisations formed to advance and harmonise research and development in the area of safeguards. It also provides a forum for the exchange of information and ideas between nuclear facility operators, safeguards authorities and persons engaged in research and development. ESARDA was formed in 1969 with the purpose of facilitating collaboration in R&D in the field of safeguards and in the application of such R&D to the safeguarding of source and special fissile materials.

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