On Detection of Radioactive Materials in Illicit Trafficking

During the fourth quarter of 2015, the SNRIU’s State Inspections for Nuclear and Radiation Safety continued activities aimed at detecting illicit trafficking of nuclear and other radioactive materials beyond regulatory control, and ensuring their further safe and secure storage.


Hence, in November 2015 the Kyiv Ukrposhta Directorate on Mail Processing and Transportation withdrew postal items with the equivalent dose rate (gamma radiation) exceeding the reference levels approved by the Chief State Medical Doctor of Kyiv. The items such as watches, compasses, etc. were sent to Kyiv “Radon” Plant for further storage.

In order to further improve the interaction between central and local executive authorities in case of detection of radioactive materials in illicit trafficking, training courses for representatives of regional administrations of the southeastern region of Ukraine, SNRIU, State Border Guard Service, State Ecological Inspection, Security Service of Ukraine and Interior Ministry were conducted with assistance of IAEA. The training courses were organized at the State Border Guard training center in Orshanets city.

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