167 Pieces of Equipment for Work with Radioactive Materials to be Supplied to Ukraine before the End of the Year

Dariia Plishevskaya, Manager of Nordisk Sikkerhet AS company, informed on this in the framework of the XIII Ukrainian Conference on Physical Protection, Control and Accounting of Nuclear Materials.

This event was held on 3-7 October 2016 in Netishyn, Khmelnytsky Oblast and organized by the George Kuzmycz Training Center for Physical Protection, Control and Accounting of Nuclear Material under support by the Swedish Radiation Safety Agency (SSM), the Norwegian Radiation Protection Authority and Energoatom Company.

“I represent the Technical Support Project in Ukraine financed by the Government of Norway. The issues on global safety become currently more important. The Government of Norway makes practical steps to support the world community in the fight against international terrorism and spreading of radioactive and nuclear materials”, the representative of Nordisk Sikkerhet AS started the presentation.


Nordisk Sikkerhet AS is specialized in the area of chemical, biological, nuclear and radiation safety. The headquarters of the company are near Oslo (Norway), and an office in Kyiv is functioning in Ukraine.

“At present, we control the border between Ukraine and Hungary in close cooperation with Mukachevo border guards to prevent illegal trafficking of nuclear materials. Six checkpoints are located on the territory with the length of 170 km, and only several of them have specialized monitors for radiation identification”, said Dariia Plishevskaya.


The Norwegian government allocated over four million Norwegian krones for implementation of the Technical Support Project in Ukraine. 167 pieces of equipment including mobile radiation monitoring complex for identification of radioactive materials, 28 mobile detectors, 5 identifiers for isotopes, 44 sets of individual dosimeters, 44 sets of protective equipment for personnel and a mobile decontamination complex will be supplied to the border of Ukraine and Hungary for these costs before the end of the year.

“The Contract for supply of the purchased equipment was signed. After reaching the destination point, the personnel will be trained in the area of work with modern equipment. We hope for positive results of Project implementation”, says Nordisk Sikkerhet AS representative.


Dariia Plishevskaya also announced that the company has drawn up several packages of proposals to install equipment for physical protection of nuclear facilities in Ukraine. The first package is related to the purchase of modern video surveillance systems for Rivne NPP units 1 and 2. The second one concerns supply of video surveillance systems for the perimeter of liquid radwaste storage facility in the Chornobyl Exclusion Zone. The both packages are currently under consideration by the Government of Norway.

“At present, we are waiting for a response from the government”, says Dariia Plishevskaya. “I hope we will improve the situation in the field of nuclear and radiation safety on the territory of Ukraine by joint efforts”.

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