Virtual Interactive Museum to Be Opened in the Exclusion Zone

The State Agency of Ukraine on Exclusion Zone Management supported the initiative of the Polish Company Farm 51, which developed “Chornobyl VR Project” (the first virtual journey to Chornobyl and Prypiat’). Already this November, the initiators plan to open a museum of virtual reality in the Exclusion Zone. This was discussed during the meeting of Head of the State Agency Vitaliy Petruk and the creative project team.

The idea of the project is to give the possibility for a person to make a virtual journey through the objects in the Exclusion Zone using 3D-technologies. In particular, during a familiarization visit, those who wish will be able to “visit” the Chornobyl nuclear power plant, abandoned apartment houses, amusement park. All this is located in Prypiat’, a ghost town that became deserted in 1986 after the Chornobyl accident.

The project was presented in the Kyiv History Museum and was devoted to the 30th commemoration of the Chornobyl accident.

During the project implementation, stereoscope cameras were used, which had the ability to shoot under the technology of 360 degrees and allowed viewing objects at different angles. During shooting, drones were used due to which you could look down on the observation wheel in the amusement park, factory chimney or power plant.

At the same time, the developers from Farm 51 plan to start a project in which with the help of graphic, they will be able to tell about the future of the Exclusion Zone, territory that changed forever the course of history of Ukraine and united the international community around the nuclear safety.