SSTC NRS’ Stand at Enterprise Ecology-2016 Exhibition


The team of the State Scientific and Technical Center for Nuclear and Radiation Safety (SSTC NRS) presented a stand at specialized Enterprise Ecology-2016 Exhibition arranged from 8 to 10 November in the International Exhibition Center in Kyiv.

The unique RanidSONNI radiation reconnaissance vehicle can be looked over at the SSTC NRS stand. Its purpose is prompt detection and identification of radiation sources on sites and adjacent areas of industrial enterprises. RanidSONNI equipment is also intended for radiation monitoring of radioactive waste storage and disposal facilities, monitoring of radioactive contamination near nuclear power plants and even detection of radiation terrorist threats.

In addition to RanidSONNI mobile laboratory, the SSTC NRS stand also exhibits a portable dosimeter–radiometer for gamma and neutron radiation with the capability to identify radionuclides. The system consists of a laptop computer and gamma and neutron detectors with appropriate electronics. A mobile phone can be used for remote control of the system.

On the first day of exhibition, SSTC NRS staff conducted more than 200 measurements of surface contamination and radiation level of exhibition guests using portable devices of the RanidSONNI mobile laboratory. They checked also clothes, shoes, personal items, gadgets, food and even toys. Fortunately, the measurements showed that background values were not exceeded.

Besides, the SSTC NRS team presented an information stand on management of radioactive waste and spent nuclear fuel in Ukraine.

You are welcome to visit the SSTC NRS stand on 9 and 10 November. Access is free! Moreover, workshop “Management System of Knowledge, Work Processes and Electronic Documentation Flow. Information Security” is arranged jointly with the Administration of the President of Ukraine on 9 November at the exhibition. Editorial Board