SSTC Experts Successfully Presented Activity at Exhibition “Enterprise Ecology 2016”

From 8 to 10 November, exhibition “Enterprise Ecology 2016” was held at the International Exhibition Center. Ten experts from the State Scientific and Technical Center (SSTC NRS) participated in the exhibition.

The Center’s bench generated a great interest among visitors. More than five hundred people familiarized with the exhibit. They mostly interested in current activity of the company, mobile laboratory for radiation survey RannidSONNI, portable dosimeter-radiometer Vasikka and other measuring equipment included to the mobile laboratory. At the same time, they interested in current situation regarding the management of spent nuclear fuel and radioactive waste in Ukraine.

“There were a lot of interested people but not all their questions referred to nuclear and radiation safety”, head of the NPP Radiation Safety Analysis Laboratory Oleksandra Slepchenko said. “The most attention was attracted by portable dosimeter Vasikka. Visitors asked about its purpose, some of them even wanted to buy it”.

According to Oleksandra Slepchenko, many experts not only of nuclear but also related industries looked over SSTC bench. “Private real estate developers interested in the inspection of territories for cottages. Representative of an agricultural company planning to grow ecologically clean products addressed regarding land survey on radionuclide content in soil. Railway personnel asked to check radiation condition of cars”, said an employee of the Center.

“Our exhibit was one of the most popular, sometimes people had to stand in line to see the exhibits. It was very interesting to meet representatives of enterprises of nuclear and other industries, establish useful business contacts and communicate with students and scientists. I am confident that a positive result of SSTC participation will not be long in coming”, head of SSTC Public Relations Department Denys Zhmuryk concluded.

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