SSTC NRS Shares Experience in Expert Assessment of Certain C(I)SIP Measures

On 17 November 2016, at the XII International Conference “Problems of Present-Day Nuclear Energy” hold in Kharkiv, expert of the State Scientific and Technical Center for Nuclear and Radiation Safety (SSTC NRS) Ihor Yakhnivskyi shared details of expert assessment for equipment of the coolant level monitoring system at South-Ukraine NPP Units 1 and 2 developed within the Comprehensive (Integral) Safety Improvement Program (C(I)SIP).

On photo - Ihor Yakhnivskyi

Ihor Yakhnivskyi

According to the expert, due to design of these power units, coolant level in the reactor pressure vessel is measured indirectly that significantly complicates monitoring of coolant level under emergency conditions. To resolve this issue, SUNPP developed a number of conceptual and technical solutions with required justification.

“We performed expert assessment of documentation and justification documents for these technical solutions. This process will allow compliance of the documents with the requirements of regulations, standards and rules on nuclear and radiation safety”, Ihor Yakhnivskyi concluded.

Moreover, during the Conference, SSTC NRS experts presented experience in assessing documents on justification of system and component seismic resistance for ZNPP Unit 1 performed during unit long-term operation.

“During nuclear and radiation safety review of the documents on assessing seismic resistance of unit systems and components, we made a number of comments on documentation completeness and correctness”, expert of the Equipment Qualification and Analysis Laboratory Taras Pidhayetskyi said.  “This resulted in revision of the documents and in some cases in significant change of the measures to improve equipment seismic resistance”.

Taras Pidhaietskyi

Taras Pidhaietskyi

According to the SSTC expert, revealing gaps in ZNPP documents on seismic resistance justification will allow representatives of other Ukrainian NPPs to avoid similar problems in future. Editorial Board