Radioactive Waste Processing Facility at Rivne NPP will Start Working in 2017

RIVNE-KYIV. The radioactive fuel processing plant is planned to be commissioned at Rivne NPP the next year. This was told by RNPP Director General Pavlo Pavlyshyn during Energoatom Company inspection of the nuclear power plant.

According to his words, RNPP was the first national NPP to reapprove the construction project to meet the changes in market prices for equipment.

“Technical requirements are ready, so it is necessary to resolve the issue on financing of equipment purchase and proceed to public bidding. I hope that the processing facility will be commissioned the next year and it will become the first facility of such a type in Ukraine”, stressed P. Pavlyshyn.

It is still necessary to install some needed equipment, in particular the metal decontamination facility to complete the construction. This equipment is peculiar regarding its specificity and individual nature of manufacturing.

Representatives of the Energoatom Company examined the installed facilities and assessed the state of construction and mounting activities, which are performed according to the schedule. According to their words, RNPP solid radioactive waste processing facility will surely start working in 2017.

“The degree of facility readiness gives every reason for its commissioning the next year. Therefore, the Energoatom Company will still support Rivne NPP in commissioning of the facility according to the defined schedule”, said Nataliia Shumkova, Executive Director on Nuclear and Radiation Safety and Scientific and Technical Support of the Energoatom Company.