Ukraine Fully Meets International Obligations in Nuclear Safety and Security

Chairman of the State Nuclear Regulatory Inspectorate of Ukraine Serhii Bozhko informed about this at IAEA International Conference “Nuclear Security: Commitments and Actions” (Vienna, Republic of Austria).

According to the Chairman, Ukraine recognizes the important role of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) in enhancing global nuclear security system.

Chairman of the SNRIU Serhii Bozhko

“We highly appreciate the role of the Secretariat of the IAEA in performing the Action Plan on Nuclear Security for 2014-2017, which allows the Member States to identify priority areas of long-term activity, improve the national physical protection systems”, Serhii Bozhko noticed. “However, we understand well that each country is absolutely responsible for physical protection of own nuclear facilities and materials”.

Further promotion of meeting and implementing the international legal instruments in nuclear security is a necessary measure. This completely meets the Convention on Physical Protection of Nuclear Material. Ukraine joined this Convention in 2005 and successfully harmonized the national legislation with the provisions of this document.

Over the last two years, Ukraine significantly strengthened the national regime of physical protection of facilities and materials through developing and implementing a comprehensive action plan for sabotage and crisis at all Ukrainian NPPs. Moreover, thorough activities on developing modernization projects for physical protection systems of nuclear installations and radioactive waste management facilities.

Ukraine takes all necessary measures to ensure high-level physical protection of nuclear facilities and materials, fully meets its international obligations in the field of nuclear safety and security and remains a reliable partner of one of the largest nuclear energy programs in Europe.

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