Arrangement of Construction Site for Centralized SFSF to Be Completed in August 2017

The Energoatom Company announced a tender for construction site arrangement for the centralized spent fuel storage facility (centralized SFSF) to be completed from 20 February to 20 August 2017.

According to tender documentation of the state enterprise, the estimated work cost in ProZorro system is 34,302 million UAH (including VAT).

In November 2016, Iurii Nedashkovsky, the President of the Energoatom Company, noted that all organizational and legislative issues for construction of the centralized SFSF were solved.

Resulting from the international tender, the Energoatom Company signed in 2005 an agreement with Holtec International on construction of the centralized SFSF. An additional agreement to the Contract of 26 January 2015 envisages that the Energoatom Company will design and construct the storage facility, and Holtec International will supply special equipment for dry storage of spent nuclear fuel and its transport. The updated revision of the agreement envisages sharing Holtec International Company technology for production of spent fuel storage containers with the Ukrainian party.

Construction of the centralized SFSF will allow the Energoatom Company significant decrease of its costs for management of spent fuel that is mainly transported for temporary storage to the Russian Federation. Spent fuel from six power units with WWER-1000 at Zaporizhzhya NPP is not transported to the Russian Federation; it is stored in dry SFSF near the plant commissioned in 2001.

Feasibility study developed by PJSC “Kyiv Research and Design Institute “ENERGOPROJECT” envisages design capacity of the centralized SFSF for 16.53 thousand spent fuel rods, particularly 12.01 thousand fuel rods from power units with WWER-1000, and 4.52 thousand fuel rods from power units with WWER-440. At the same time, the capacity of the startup complex is 3.62 thousand FA, particularly 2.51 thousand FA from power units with WWER-1000.

Design and construction of the storage facility, supply of equipment, sharing Holtec technologies and storage facility commissioning was envisaged in 2015-2016. Holtec will ensure supply of 94 spent fuel storage systems for the centralized SFSF in whole, and further production will be implemented in Ukraine.

Until October 2017, the Energoatom Company will allocate $ 250 million to the Bank of America Merrill Lynch (BofA-ML) for construction of the centralized SFSF. Today, the Energoatom Company funds activities related to the centralized SFSF by costs provided by the National Energy and Utilities Regulatory Commission in the tariff of the company for power supply.

Start of active phase of construction at the site of the centralized SFSF is expected in March 2017. Loading of the first spent fuel batch to HI-STORM container systems for transport and storage at the site of the centralized SFSF is planned at the end of 2018.

The Energoatom Company is the operator of all four operating Ukrainian NPPs. It operates 15 power units with WWER with total specified power of 13,835 GW.

“Interfax Ukraine” News Agency