Proposal on Stepwise Replacement of X-ray Devices Designed in USSR

The State Nuclear Regulatory Inspectorate of Ukraine proposes stepwise transfer to low-dose X-ray devices in Ukraine and improved efficient treatment of cancer.

This is envisaged in draft Law No. 5550 developed by the Inspection and submitted for approval to the Verkhovna Rada.

“The draft Law No. 5550 developed to accelerate transfer to improved medical equipment, establishment of diagnostic reference levels for dose assessment and, as a result, optimization of public exposure during diagnosing and more efficient diagnostics of cancer and its treatment in Ukraine”, – SNRIU commented.

According to the mentioned above, most countries have prohibited many years ago the use of X-ray devices produced in 1950-1990 (average service life of X-ray equipment is 7-10 years). However, such equipment is still in use in Ukraine.

“|In addition, physicians use “tabular dose rates” considering the type of diagnostic procedure established in Order of the Ministry of Health No. 295 of 18.07.2001 “On Establishment of the Control and Accounting System of Individual Exposure Doses for the Public during X-ray Procedures”. In most cases, these “tabular dose rates” are not reliable”, – the Inspection underlined.

In particular, resulting from dose measurement and calculation performed by the Grigoriev Institute for Medical Radiology in 2008 under scientific research in order to determine the state and challenges related to radiation protection in the use of radiation sources in medicine, patients receive doses that differ by 125 during medical procedure depending on different devices used.

SNRIU assures that adoption of the draft Law will harmonize the Ukrainian legislation with EU legislation and the international IAEA requirements and standards valid in the field of nuclear energy use, establish unified basic safety standards to protect health of the public and people subjected to professional medical exposure, as well as improve radiation safety and protection in the use of nuclear energy in various sectors of economy and human safety. editorial staff