IAEA Free On-Line Training Courses for Medical Staff

Since 2016, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) runs free on-line training courses for medical staff, medical physicists and other medical professionals specializing in radiodiagnostics and radiotherapy with involvement of ionizing radiation sources (IRS).

Currently, the medical staff all over the world is provided with the possibility to be trained with the help of free on-line training course on radiation protection in nuclear medicine and to obtain the corresponding certificates based on examination results.

The following on-line courses are available:

Safety and Quality in Radiotherapy. The IAEA web-based platform provides free access to this training course. To get free access – it is necessary to create personal account by the following reference. The training course shall be available right here after activation of your personal account.

Radiation dose management in computed tomography. Access details are by the following reference.

Both training courses are in English. They were provided to improve radiation protection at IRS medical use.

Uatom.org editorial board