Kick-Off Meeting of SNRIU Public Council Conducted

On 24 February 2017, the kick-off meeting was held in order to renew the list of the Public Council of the State Nuclear Regulatory Inspectorate of Ukraine.

Acting SNRIU Chairman Borys Stoliarchuk opened the meeting: “I sincerely thank all present for the concern for nuclear and radiation safety issues. The SNRIU is open for communication with the public. We are ready to discuss the most important issues in the area, to seek solutions to problems. The public opinion has always been of a great significance for the regulatory authority, since it helped to make weighed and balanced solutions”.

Borys Stoliarchuk, Acting SNRIU Chairman

Eleven public organizations of Ukraine expressed a desire to join SNRIU Public Council: All-Ukrainian Environmental Non-Governmental Organization “MAMA-86”, Nuclear Insurance Pool, Ukrainian Nuclear Forum Association, National Ecological Center of Ukraine, Ukrainian Ecological Association “Green World”, Ukrainian Nuclear Society, Youth Energy Community and others.

“We pay much attention to nuclear and radiation safety, proper preparation to decommissioning of power units. Therefore, we continuously monitor all events in the area”, stated Iryna Holovko, representative of the National Ecological Center of Ukraine. She said that independent experts and organizations should participate in meetings for efficient work of the Public Council.

Vitalii Demianiuk, representative of the Public Union “Chornobyl Research and Development Institute” joined the discussion. “The issue of nuclear and radiation safety is a priority for me. I support the development of nuclear energy, introduction of new, advanced technologies and balanced approach. I would like the nuclear regulatory authority to be independent, impartial, constructive body that will give an opportunity, on the one hand, to take care of environmental issues, issues of nuclear and radiation safety, and, on the other hand, to develop energy sector of the country”, said Vitalii Demianiuk.

Vitalii Demianiuk, representative of the Public Union “Chornobyl Research and Development Institute”

Yaroslav Rozhyl, representative of the Citizen Advocacy Association, was selected the Chairman of the Public Council. Olha Kosharna of the Ukrainian Nuclear Forum and Oleksandr Haran of the Youth Energy Community were appointed Deputy Chairpersons. Editorial Board