International Conference on Public Information Materials Exchange in the Sphere of Nuclear Safety in the Netherlands

The opening ceremony of the Annual International Conference on Public Information Materials Exchange (PIME) was held on 20 March this year in the city of Middelburg (Kingdom of the Netherlands). During this event, public relations experts from all over the world discussed the most important issues in the field of nuclear and radiation safety.

“What made PIME special this year? For the first time, an event on this scale was held at the site of the Central Organization for Radioactive Waste (COVRA), which is the only one in the Netherlands – Hans Codee, COVRA Deputy Director said during conference opening. – We welcome each participant because we understand that communication in the field of nuclear safety and radiation protection is critically important. PIME is a platform for experience feedback among experts from around the world. I hope the event will promote industry development and cooperation between the participants”.

Hans Codee, COVRA Deputy Director

According to Hans Codee, the building in which the conference was held was constructed a short time ago. The facility will be put into operation this summer; its purpose is to store depleted uranium. The structure was designed by William Verstraeten, a famous Dutch artist, whose plans were to set the largest sundial in Europe on one external wall of the facility. The dial on the wall of the radwaste storage facility will represent the significance of time for radioactive waste management. The final decision on radioactive waste management for a long-term period is still pending.

“I have been working for more than 15 years with COVRA. Previously, society perceived the company negatively, people were afraid of the storage facility because it was considered hazardous. The situation has currently changed, the company performed tremendous work to establish communication with the public. It was not easy but after all possible to get recognition of society. We continue currently our work in this area”, – William Verstraeten said.

“Today, there is an open area with a mini-park on the territory of the storage facility, everyone can visit it during working hours to rest and communicate with COVRA employees. This all was done so that people could see with their own eyes that nuclear facilities are safe”, – Hans Codee concluded and wished PIME participants successful work and more fruitful contacts. editorial board