Sealing Membrane for NSC Delivered to Chornobyl NPP Industrial Site

The sealing membrane for the Arch was delivered in full scope to the NSC construction site. The membrane itself was exclusively designed and manufactured of polyurethane by CNIM French Company. All possible deformations were considered during the design: stretching to 55% of the original size and wind load with the speed of 300 km/h. In addition, the sheet has special inserts to prevent rupture.

The width of the membrane is 150 cm, and the length of one section reaches 16 meters. About two thousand meters of polyurethane sheet will be used in the completed membrane design.

In the near future, the membrane will be installed on the sealing anchors that are already mounted at the Shelter, in the process building and in other structures adjacent to the Arch. After installing the membrane, the interior space of the Arch will be isolated from the environment.

Information provided according to the Chornobyl NPP website