Ukraine and Euratom Defined Promising Areas of Nuclear Safety Cooperation

On 30 March 2017, a working meeting with Jozef Misak, European Commission expert and Vice-President for Strategy Development of UJV Rez a. s. (Czech Republic), was held at the State Scientific and Technical Center for Nuclear and Radiation Safety (SSTC NRS) to enhance cooperation between Ukraine and EC in the area of nuclear safety. The promising areas of cooperation included exchange of experience on long-term operation of nuclear power plants and participation in international tenders.

During the meeting, Jozef Misak declared his readiness to provide comprehensive support to extend Ukraine’s participation in European nuclear safety projects. “Experience of Ukraine in long-term operation of nuclear power plants is of particular interest for Europe”, said Jozef Misak.

The expert noted the high quality of research conducted by SSTC NRS experts in the nuclear safety area and stated that findings of Ukrainian experts can be beneficial for all EU countries.

In turn, representatives of the SSTC NRS presented experience in the participation in Euratom programs, in particular, in the Seventh Framework Program and bids within the Horizon 2020 program. The experts separately presented results of the projects joined by the SSTC NRS.

The meeting participants discussed results of the last bid within the Horizon 2020 program. Oleksandr Pecherytsia, SSTC NRS First Deputy Director, drew attention to certain difficulties related to the participation of SSTC NRS in Euratom tenders and to the importance for Ukrainian organization to gain more experience of such international cooperation.

“International dialogue improves. The SSTC NRS became recognizable worldwide. Our services are in demand in the market. We are currently interested in improving the efficiency of our participation in tenders within international projects. We are interested in experience of European colleagues in the management of projects on nuclear and radiation safety”.

Representatives of the State Nuclear Regulatory Inspectorate of Ukraine, Pukhov Institute for Modelling in Energy Engineering of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and Institute for Nuclear Research of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine participated in the meeting and presented their experience in cooperation with European colleagues and recent national scientific and engineering solutions in the area of nuclear and radiation safety.

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