Day to Commemorate Heroes

Photo: Oleksandr Syrota

One of the largest man-made accidents in human history occurred at Chornobyl NPP on 26 April 1986. Chornobyl tragedy became a difficult and serious lesson, which was not only left in memories, but also changed people’s lives. Staff of Chornobyl NPP, firefighters, military personnel, builders, scientists, physicians, police officers and volunteers were involved in elimination of the accident. Some sacrificed their health and some sacrificed their lives to overcome consequences of the nuclear disaster.

On behalf of web-site, we want to commemorate the feat of all participants of ChNPP accident elimination. The courage, dedication and heroism of these people are huge. Their contribution into the elimination of accident consequences is invaluable.

We bow in respect and pledge to remember their sacrifice every single day. We wish health, strength of mind, family well-being, optimism and confidence in future for everyone who survived this disaster, saving Ukrainian lands from the largest ever man-made accident. editorial board.