Yuriy Nedaskovsky: Ukraine to Have World’s Modern and Safest Spent Nuclear Fuel Storage Facility

Experts of the Energoatom Company noted the high quality of the industrial production system and preparedness of Holtec International (USA) capacities to produce equipment within the joint project on construction of the Centralized Spent Fuel Storage Facility (Centralized SFSF) in Ukraine. Yuriy Nedashkovsky, President of the Energoatom Company, informed about this summing up results of checking preparedness of Holtec International production capacities performed by the Energoatom project group on Centralized SFSF construction. It is necessary to recall that the Centralized SFSF is constructed for the storage of spent nuclear fuel (SNF) from three Ukrainian NPPs: Rivne, South Ukraine and Khmelnitsky. Zaporizhzhya NPP has its own on-site spent fuel storage facility.

On 01-10 May, the group of Energoatom experts headed by its President visited Holtec International plants located in the USA.

Yuriy Nedashkovsky stated that the equipment of Holtec International production capacities meets the company’s leading position on the world market for ensuring spent nuclear fuel storage. “We are very pleased with what we saw. The quality of individual pieces of equipment manufactured by the U.S. partners against our order convinces that Ukraine will receive one of the most modern and safest spent fuel storage facilities in the world”, said Energoatom Company President.

Within the working visit to Holtec International enterprises, Energoatom Company experts familiarized with the progress of Ukrainian order in Pittsburgh, where equipment for delivery to customers is produced.

At Holtec International plant in Orville, Energoatom project group on Centralized SFSF construction was familiarized with special process for production of the so-called baskets for placing of fuel assemblies with spent nuclear fuel. Materials of baskets (commercial name Metamik NT) and its production technology is one of Holtec International know-hows, which allowed it to take a leading position in the market for spent nuclear fuel storage. Such a basket and all-welded double-walled stainless steel container, into which it is put, provide the necessary isolation of spent fuel from the environment, and together with radiation protection container ensure nuclear and radiation safety during spent nuclear fuel storage for many decades.

The plant in Camden, which was also visited by Ukrainian experts, is a newly established enterprise with modern metalworking equipment connected into automated process chains, where protective containers for spent fuel storage will be produced.

Energoatom group was provided with comprehensive information on the quality system used for Holtec International production capacities. This system meets international ISO standards and special requirements established by the Energoatom Company for equipment important to safety. Holtec International quality system allows continuous monitoring and recording of the process of production of any product starting from the source material to shipping of the product to the client. The company has qualified personnel, having engineers and workers who have necessary experience in producing and checking quality parameters of equipment similar to that to be supplied against Energoatom request for the Centralized SFSF project.

It is known that Holtec International is a diversified company that produces equipment for NPPs, as well as thermal plants using traditional fuel. The main area of company activities is to design and supply technologies and equipment for the storage of spent nuclear fuel of industrial nuclear reactors. The company is a recognized leader in this area. The Holtec International holds 50% of the market in the USA related to storage of spent nuclear fuel. It also implements many projects related to spent fuel storage in other countries and, in particular, in Ukraine.

Under the contract with the Energoatom Company, Holtec International will supply special process equipment for the Centralized SFSF for spent nuclear fuel management according to the technology envisaged by Centralized SFSF construction project, which has also been developed by Holtec International. First, these are containers for storage and transport of spent nuclear fuel and auxiliary equipment for management of such containers weighing 150-170 tons.

Photo of certain elements of Centralized SFSF equipment already produced at Holtec International.

According to information of Energoatom Company press service