Hazardous Waste Revealed in Kirovohrad Region

According to the information available at SNRIU, on 13 July 2017 unidentified persons carried out unauthorized land activities on the territory of former disposal facility for radioactive materials, near the Veselivske clay pit (Kropyvnitskyi). The activities were performed using an excavator at the site of disposal of soil, property, and other materials contaminated with radionuclide cesium-137. The disposal facility was constructed after removal of hazardous waste generated after radiation accident in 1988 from the territory of the Kirovohradbud trust and the Chervonozorivskyi lane after its decontamination.

According to the information of the Kirovohrad Regional Center of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, the exposure dose rate of gamma radiation in the place of activities is 23 – 123 µR/h.

“As of 17 July 2017, the place of the event is guarded by the National Police officers”, the operational and coordination center of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine in the Kirovohrad region reported.

All actions to respond to the event are determined by the procedure for interaction between executive bodies and legal entities that carry out activities in nuclear energy use in case of detecting illicit trafficking of radioactive materials approved by Cabinet Resolution No. 813 of 2 June 2003.

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