Information Tour “Radiation Survey by Towns of Ukraine”. Day 1: Korostyshiv

On 24 July, the State Scientific and Technical Center for Nuclear and Radiation Safety (SSTC NRS) started radiation survey in Zhytomyr oblast. The information tour started in the city of Korostyshiv on the picturesque banks of Teteriv River. The city is rich in granite due to which it has higher natural radiation background.

“Thanks to the unique equipment of RANIDSONNI mobile laboratory, today we checked the radiation level at Korostyshiv paper mill, granite quarry and around the central office of Korostyshiv granite quarry”, Oleksandra Slepchenko, SSTC NRS technical expert, commented. “From 0.16 to 0.20 µSv/h at the paper mill, about 0.40 µSv/h in the quarry and 0.14 µSv/h around the central office of Korostyshiv granite quarry were fixed. All places for survey were chosen in advance upon the request of the city community. We can say with confidence now that radiation level in Korostyshiv lies within normal limits and no radiation anomalies related to Chernobyl disaster consequences were fixed”.

Oleksandra Slepchenko added that radiation background in the city was fixed based on to the presence of granite rocks, that is, natural radionuclides.

Residents of Korostyshiv met hospitably the SSTC NRS experts. They brought agricultural products, vegetables, fruits and water for survey. Mrs. Olha brought blueberries for survey. “I bring berries to sell them and I want to make sure that I sell a clean ecological product”, she noted.

Mrs. Iryna brought carrots and tomatoes for survey. “I will cook borsch for dinner and I want to know, if vegetables are suitable for consumption”, the woman added. The SSTC NRS experts made necessary measurements and stated the following verdict: “Foodstuff is clean and not harmful to health”.

Representatives of the Korostyshiv District Council met the radiation survey group hospitably, and wide audience came to the central hall. “We are very thankful to SSTC NRS for the unique opportunity to check the radiation background in Korostyshiv. Unfortunately, there is no measurement equipment at the disposal of the city. As long as you are here it would be nice to check also the granite exhibition and places of mass recreation for people, beaches and water bodies”.

Eduard Sukhoverhyi, SSTC NRS representative, assured that he would arrange necessary survey. “After communication with people in the town I was sure that we arrived not in vain. At least, we managed to calm people by informing them that the radiation background was within the natural limits, and raise awareness of the public on radiation safety”, the expert concluded.

On 25 July, SSTC NRS experts start radiation survey in Novohrad-Volynskyi. Follow our website for further course of events. editorial board