Operation “STONE” was held in Ukraine

The training on the prevention and counteraction to the smuggling of nuclear materials “STONE” (Stop Trafficking of Nuclear Elements) was recently held with the support of the General Secretariat of the International Police Organization (INTERPOL).

The first stage of training was conducted in Kyiv and covered theoretical studies in this area. Representatives of law enforcement bodies and other central executive authorities of Ukraine, including SNRIU experts, participated in the training.

The second stage was held at the Training Center of the State Border Service of Ukraine in Orshanets. The obtained theoretical knowledge of participants was mastered during practical exercises on detection of radioactive materials and arrangement of response according to the current legislation of Ukraine.

The third stage was carried out at one of the state border crossing points of Ukraine. Law enforcement officers and other participants in real time practiced on the detection of illicit trafficking of radioactive materials.

The event promoted the strengthening of cooperation between the corresponding state authorities of Ukraine, which will ensure reliable level of nuclear and radiation safety in the state.

Uatom.org editorial board