Team Held a Series of Promotional Events within Information Tour “Radiation Survey by Towns of Ukraine”

From 24 to 26 July, the team took part in information tour “Radiation Survey by the Towns of Ukraine”. Within the event, editor of the website Kateryna Stavnichuk together with the experts of the State Scientific and Technical Center for Nuclear and Radiation Safety (SSTC NRS) conducted several promotional campaigns on abandoned radiation sources.

“During the first three days of the information tour in Korostyshiv, Novohrad-Volynskyi and Manevychi we distributed handouts on the hazard of abandoned radiation sources”, co-organizer of the promo Evgenia Nikitchuk commented. “We talked with passers-by about the impact of radioactive materials on human body, advised how to behave when they are detected. People listened the information that radiation sources may be outside the regulatory control very carefully recognizing their hazard”.

Co-organizer of the promo, representative of SSTC NRS Press Service Evheniia Nikitchuk

According to editor Kateryna Stavnichuk, the audience in Korostyshiv and Novohrad-Volynskyi was more aware of radiation hazard than in Manevychi. “Korostyshiv in Zhytomyr region is granite rich and as a result has high natural background radiation. Probably, this factor contributes to a reasonably good awareness of people. In its turn, Novohrad-Volynskyi has many industrial facilities, whose employees know a lot about the hazard of radioactive exposure”, she said. “However, surprisingly I liked the most to work in Manevychi where people despite the low level of knowledge were glad to contact, were not afraid to ask questions”, she concluded.

Information tour “Radiation Survey by the Towns of Ukraine” is underway. Follow further developments on our website. editorial board