Boom in Liubeshiv: More than 50 Containers of Water to Be Checked

Iryna Poliakova, technical expert of the State Scientific and Technical Center for Nuclear and Radiation Safety (SSTC NRS), informed on this within the information tour “Radiation Survey by Towns of Ukraine”. On 27 July 2017, dose measuring experts conducted a survey in Liubeshiv in Volyn region. The village is located near Belarus and famous National Nature Park “Prypiat-Stokhid”.

“People in Liubeshiv mostly brought water, the content of radionuclides in which is within normal limits”, Iryna Poliakova commented. In addition to water, people also brought milk, cucumbers, potatoes, carrots, zucchini, dried mushrooms and even amber.

According to the expert, the content of radionuclides in milk and gardens does not exceed the permissible level. Amber was clear as well.

Recorded specific activity of dried mushrooms was 1.800 Bq/kg at permissible level of 2.500 Bq/kg. “As you can see, the content of radionuclides in mushrooms although is somewhat elevated (due to the presence of cesium-137, which results from the Chornobyl accident), but still is within normal limits. However, I would not recommend to consume such mushrooms”, the expert stressed.

Thanks to the RanidSONNI, dose measuring experts checked Ahrolis and Lishosp enterprises in Liubeshiv and the village park. The radiation background of all objects is within normal limits. editorial board