Information Tour “Radiation Survey by Towns of Ukraine” Finished in Korosten

On 29 July 2017, experts of the State Scientific and Technical Center for Nuclear and Radiation Safety (SSTC NRS) visited the last city of the route within the information tour “Radiation Survey by Towns of Ukraine”. Because of rain, people in Korosten did not bring foodstuff. However, experts of the mobile laboratory managed to conduct survey of the local areas. Dose measuring experts used spectrometric equipment of the mobile laboratory to identify radionuclide content of gamma radiation.

“We recorded gamma radiation dose rate in the Shevchenko park from 0.11 to 0.17 µSv/h: minimum value was on asphalt tracks and maximum value was detected on ground tracks”, told Oleksandra Slepchenko, SSTC NRS expert. According to her, such an increase of dose rate was ensured by cesium-137 of Chornobyl origin.

At the request of city residents, dose measuring experts also conducted survey in Yaroslava Mudroho Street in the private sector. Experts found there two asphalt areas, the dose rate of which were significantly different from the adjacent areas and made 0.6 µSv/h. “Again, we explain the increase by the contribution of cesium-137 of Chornobyl origin”, the expert said. “It is also necessary to mention that asphalt was laid after 1986. There is a high probability that dose rate under it is much higher that 0.6 µSv/h”.

Meeting of SSTC NRS experts with heads of local authorities seemed to be the most lively for the entire period of the information tour. Physicians, representatives of non-governmental organizations and mass media participated in the meeting as well. There were a lot of questions and stories about the problems of the city. At the end of the meeting, local radiologists offered the SSTC NRS to update the map of radiation contamination in Korosten, paying attention to the private sector. Heads of local authorities asked SSTC NRS experts to conduct comprehensive survey of buildings in Korosten to check radon content.

Iryna Poliakova, SSTC NRS technical expert, added that foodstuff of Korosten will obligatory be tested by dose measuring experts in Kyiv. They have everything necessary to do this, since they purchased vegetables, mushrooms, berries and dairy products in the local market.

Currently, the information tour “Radiation Survey by Towns of Ukraine” is finished. Detailed results of survey in all locations will be sent to heads of local authorities of cities within the information tour route during a weak.

Contact us if your city or village needs radiation survey. We will develop a new route and maybe we will soon come for radiation survey to your place. editorial board