Temporary Flame Activities in NSC Electrical Building Monitored on ChNPP Territory

Rescuers constantly carry out inspections and briefings for personnel to maintain reliable fire prevention regime during construction and installation activities at different facilities on ChNPP territory.

On 08 August 2017, experts of the Department on Prevention of Emergencies at ChNPP of Eleventh State Fire and Rescue Unit (Chornobyl) monitored the conduct of temporary flame activities in the ChNPP electrical building constructed within the New Safe Confinement (NSC) project.

The inspection established that flame activities were carried out in accordance with requirements of Fire Safety Rules of Ukraine, Guidelines for Safe Flame Activities on Explosive and Fire Hazardous Facilities and Instructions on Safe Flame Activities at ChNPP Facilities.

Additional fire safety briefings were conducted in order to improve fire safety at the enterprise for personnel and experts of subordinate organizations who perform construction and installation activities.

According to the State Agency of Ukraine on Exclusion Zone Management