Ukraine, Congratulations on Independence Day!

On behalf of the editorial board, we sincerely congratulate Ukrainians on Independence Day!

This holiday is special for each of us, because it represents fulfilment of our dream to live free and independent life, to be the owners of our picturesque lands.

26 years have passed since Ukraine has won its right to be independent. Of course, the years of independence became a challenge for all of us, a test of maturity, patience and tolerance. There were times when people rose for the sake of protecting rights and freedoms, true faith in fair future. Ukrainians have repeatedly confirmed their true love for Ukraine. The struggle for independence and statehood continues in Eastern Ukraine.

Ukrainians have faced plenty of challenges and we overcame them with dignity. We have something to be proud of, something to change and something to improve. The main thing is to believe in yourself, continuing the glorious path of our ancestors in the development of Ukrainian state.

We sincerely wish every Ukrainian a solid health, peace, welfare, love success in all affairs and endeavors for the sake of Ukraine’s prosperity, unity, understanding and happy future of our children. editorial board