Norwegian Regulatory Authority Visited SNRIU

On 31 October – 02 November 2017, the delegation of the Norwegian Radiation Protection Authority visited the State Nuclear Regulatory Inspectorate of Ukraine. The visit objective was to summarize the results of the joint implementation of the projects and plan further cooperation.

“We are completely satisfied by the results of current cooperation between NRPA and SNRIU/SSTC NRS, because we work with the coordinated team of professionals”, said Malgorzata Sneve, NRPA representative. “Improvement of safety culture, strengthening of the non-proliferation regime and nuclear security are among priority areas of future cooperation”.

Malgorzata Sneve, NRPA representative

According to NRPA representative, improvement of regulatory documents on nuclear and radiation safety is the main aspect of SNRIU strengthening. “We can assist you in this, taking part in the activities of the Ukrainian regulatory authority as observers, inviting SNRIU representatives to various events in Norway”, Malgorzata Sneve said.

“We consider that strengthening of the SNRIU capabilities as the regulatory authority is very important to ensure nuclear and radiation safety in Ukraine. Threat assessment is one of the key steps in reaching of this goal”, she added.

Within the event, SNRIU representatives presented the Threat Assessment Report developed in 2017. Besides, the Ukrainian regulatory authority prepared a roadmap on the development of documents required to eliminate existing threats. Editorial Board