SSTC NRS Team Successfully Presented Its Activities at Industrial Ecology-2017 Exhibition

On 07-09 November 2017, experts of the State Scientific and Technical Center for Nuclear and Radiation Safety (SSTC NRS) participated in the Exhibition “Industrial Ecology-2017” held in the International Exhibition Center.

SSTC NRS stand was extremely popular among visitors. More than half a thousand people came to see the exposition. According to Liliia Musikhina, representative of the Public Relations Department, the arrangement of the exposition by a thematic installation made it so attractive.

“Many people came to our stand: they were interested in the RanidSONNI mobile reconnaissance vehicle, SSTC NRS main activities, they brought food and household items to check their radionuclide content. A lot of people came to our stand, which served as a photo zone. The accident at Chornobyl NPP etched into the consciousness of people. The SSTC NRS by all means tries to convey to the public the idea of a responsible attitude towards nuclear and radiation technologies. I think we achieved our goal within the exhibition taking into account the number of visitors”, Liliia Musikhina said.

Oleksandra Slepchenko, SSTC NRS technical expert, held a workshop on the use of dosimetric equipment, in particular personal dosimeters. “I told future experts in the field about the operating principles of domestic and professional dosimeters-radiometers and other modern types of devices used to measure different radiation types. After that, everyone had a chance to measure radiation background in the exhibition hall and search for radiation sources, including those among personal belongings. Besides, young people measured gamma-radiation dose rate and surface contamination of their mobile phones, watches and footwear. No anomalies were detected”, the expert commented.

During the day, SSTC NRS experts provided exhibition visitors with services of measuring radionuclide content in food and household items. They checked radiation level in nuts, jewelry and watches. The obtained results confirmed that the radiation background is normal and there is no need to worry.

People brought cranberries and garlic to SSTC NRS experts on the last day of the exhibition to test the content of radionuclides. Iryna Poliakova, SSTC NRS technical expert, told that 137Cs in food did not exceed permissible levels.

Joint with SSTC NRS specialists the team also took part in the exhibition “Ecology of the Enterprise-2017”. editorial board