First Tourist Map of Chornobyl Zone Presented

The map has an original cartoon style, and tourists will have an opportunity to use it since December.

What is imaged on the map?

In general, the map depicts six main locations:

  • ChNPP building and the cooling pond where the world-famous catfishes live;
  • Prypiat town;
  • Chornobyl-2 military town;
  • huge Duga-1 radar;
  • administrative center in Chornobyl;
  • landfill of radioactive equipment.

Next year, it will be possible to take a tour on the Prypiat river from Kyiv to Chornobyl on authentic ships. The map can simultaneously serve as a guide and a souvenir. You can buy it in tourist places of Kyiv, in airports. It will also be given free of charge to tourists visiting Chornobyl.

The map raises many problematic issues of the Zone. In particular, it depicts a cyclist travelling around the territory. Bicyclists have been asking for cycling routes for many years. Besides, there are houses of self-inhabitants, who still live on the territory of resettlement and need help. There is also a stalker walking towards ChNPP imaged on the map. The problem of stalkers is very relevant today as well.

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