Congratulations to All Power Engineers of the Country with the Holiday! Editorial Board expresses sincere wishes on the occasion of the professional holiday – Day of Power Engineer!

Dear power engineers, we thank everyone for conscientious work due to which the industrial enterprises, social sphere, communication and transport uninterruptedly operate every day. Your conscientious activity brings light, comfort and warmth to schools, kindergartens, and hospitals. You work devotedly to ensure wellbeing and comfort in the house of every Ukrainian.

It is impossible to overestimate the importance of energy for a full life of Ukraine. Reliable power and heat supply to all consumers and subsequent development of economy and full life of society depends on well-coordinated work of each participant in the energy process.

Nuclear energy is under current conditions a strategic area of state policy. On behalf of the nuclear regulator of the country, we urge you to take care of energy safety with special responsibility and follow strictly the standards and rules for nuclear and radiation safety.

Let awareness of the importance of your profession provide inexhaustible strength and inspiration and inspire to new work achievements!

We express our sincere gratitude to you for your selfless work; we wish you happiness, health, prosperity and welfare. Let harmony and love reign in your houses, and let peace and understanding prevail in Ukraine. Editorial Board