SNRIU Chairman Visited Rivne NPP

Recently, Chairman of the State Nuclear Regulatory Inspectorate of Ukraine, Hryhorii Plachkov made a working visit to RNPP site. The purpose of the visit was to assess the status of long-term operation activities at RNPP-3.

Currently, a number of long-term operation activities are implemented at RNPP-3, which is in a long-term scheduled outage. In fact, the final stage of a set of measures for long-term operation is in progress. It was  started in 2011 and requires global modernization activities for equipment out of operation.

Pavlo Pavlyshyn, Director General of Rivne NPP provided a detailed information on the status of planned measures, their financing and delivery schedule for equipment. “Of 129 items of the schedule for long-term operation measures, 122 have been completed, seven are under performance. In addition, seismic resistance is calculated on a regular basis, and Periodic Safety Assessment Report is under development and agreement”, Pavlo Pavlyshyn noted, highlighting strict observance of the schedules and commitments.

Valerii Bugay, Deputy Director of the SNRIU Directorate on Nuclear Facilities Safety noted a positive practice at Rivne NPP on the approaches to form a list of equipment subject to ageing management.

Yurii Nedashkovsky, President of the Energoatom Company also noted success of the long-term operation activities at Rivne NPP. Taking into account the status of fundamental, engineering measures, modernization, reconstruction activities the Energoatom President recognized satisfactory preparedness of RNPP-3 for long-term operation.  

SNRIU Chairman Hryhorii Plachkov has noted that public consultations are an extremely important part of the decision-making process preceding the issue of a license for unit long-term operation. The SNRIU Chairman reminded about recent consideration of RNPP-3 at open SNRIU Board meeting, where attendees and Board members obtained a detailed information on the status of administrative and technical measures on this issue.

At RNPP site, Energoatom and SNRIU representatives visited a newly constructed solid radwaste processing plant, which was commissioned at the end of the last year and is currently in trial operation, as well as visited RNPP-3 standby diesel generator. Editorial Board