Gratitude to Liquidators of Chornobyl Accident

The worst nuclear disaster in history happened 32 years ago at ChNPP. The ChNPP fourth power unit reactor exploded. Hazardous radioactive elements with incredible speed spread to Ukraine, the radioactive cloud covered the territory of Belarus, Poland, the Baltic countries, Sweden, Finland and other countries.

The Chornobyl disaster caused many casualties. Yet, the accident scale could be much worse but for the courage and self-devotion of hundreds of thousands of liquidators. Risking their health and sometimes life, they discharged their duty and protected humanity from radiation spreading.

Today we express our sincere gratitude to all liquidators for their courage, heroism and self-devotion. We wish sound health, vitality, family comfort, happiness, peace and wellness to liquidators and their families!

Unfortunately, many of the liquidators have gone. Great honor and deepest gratitude to all those who, at the cost of their lives, gifted the future to millions of Ukrainians. Editorial Board