Hazardous Radioactive Materials Withdrawn from Illicit Trafficking

The SNRIU in cooperation with the relevant structures of the central executive bodies of Ukraine responsible for revealing and response to illicit trafficking of radioactive materials continued to reveal and withdraw hazardous radioactive materials beyond the regulatory control during the first quarter in 2018.

At the crossing points of the state border of Ukraine, the State Border Guard Service has withdrawn a number of items whose equivalent dose rate exceeded the standards established by the legislation.

A citizen of Russia tried to transfer a glass vial with a liquid containing radium, cesium, potassium and thorium through the border with the Russian Federation at the crossing point of Hoptivka on 12 February 2018.

Compasses were withdrawn at the crossing points of Rava-Ruska (Poland) and Kuchurhani (Republic of Moldova).

Withdrawal of radioactive contaminated wrap metal supplied to Ukrainian combines is under continuation. Thus, continuous luminous material based on radium salts was withdrawn at Azovstal Iron & Steel Works on 17 March 2018.

All the withdrawn hazardous items were sent for further safe storage to Radon SISP.

According to SNRIU