Project for Remediation of Storage Sites for Chornobyl Radwaste Initiated in Ivankiv Region

The project of international technical assistance on remediation of storage sites for Chornobyl radwaste located outside the exclusion zone enters the implementation stage. Under financial support of the European Union within the Instrument for Nuclear Safety Cooperation, the mentioned sites for temporary radwaste storage were ranked by the degree of their radiation hazard.

 “These sites are located within Zhytomyr, Kyiv and Chernihiv regions, often in the immediate vicinity of settlements. Pisky-1 disposal site recognized as one of nine most dangerous sites is only 20 km away from Ivankiv and is in a neglected state. Taking this into account, Pisky-1 is selected as a pilot facility and a technical decision for its remediation is already developed”, Director of Kyiv SISP Mykhailo Khodorivskyi said.

Activities on site remediation include, in particular removal of about 300 cubic meters of radwaste and contaminated soil. After that, they should be transported to the disposal facility of the Buryakivka site located within the exclusion zone for final disposal.

Within the project, equipment was already supplied to Kyiv SISP for detailed characterization of DWDS (decontamination waste disposal site) and radwaste removal: mobile and portable equipment for radiological measurements, equipment for radwaste removal and transport, as well as communication equipment and personal protective means. All equipment was subject to acceptance testing and personnel were trained to work with the received devices.

The next step will be detailed characterization of the facility, after which experts may start removing radwaste from Pisky-1 RWDS.

Reference: Pisky-1 RWDS was operated in 1987-1989. It accepted waste resulting from decontamination activities in neighboring villages (Pisky, Karpilovka, etc.). The total area of radioactive waste disposal site is 124 square meters. Approximately 200 cubic meters of radwaste containing cesium-137, strontium-90, americium-241 are stored there. 

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