Radwaste Treatment Plant to Be Put into Commercial Operation at ZNPP by End of 2018

One of the major tasks for the Zaporizhzhya NPP (ZNPP) in 2018 is to commission the improved radwaste treatment plant. The project on construction of this plant at ZNPP is implemented to bring the radwaste management system into compliance with up-to-date requirements and to ensure radwaste transfer for final storage.

“According to the technical decision agreed with the SNRIU, we are to commission the plant by the end of 2018, including its testing with real radioactive waste. The scope of remaining tasks is still very large. It is necessary to finalize the installation of electrical equipment and service lines, assemble the radiation monitoring system, ventilation system, etc. The final stage will include work with self-leveling floor with a total area of about 2800 m2”, informed the ZNPP Deputy Chief Engineer for NPP facilities Volodymyr Havryliak.

One of the tasks is to introduce additional equipment at the radwaste treatment plant, including a radwaste certification kit to determine the specific activity of radioactive waste and separate it before incineration. At present, all radwaste certification kit documents are being agreed with the general designer, Kharkiv Institute Energoproject.

For reference: on 27 December 2017, the radioactive waste treatment plant at ZNPP was put into trial operation. The new plant equipment is in full compliance with the latest world trends in the field of radioactive waste management and is the most advanced.

ZNPP Press-Service