Radwaste Treatment Plant to Be Put into Commercial Operation at ZNPP in December 2018

Commissioning of an up-to-date radioactive waste treatment plant is implemented to improve the current system for radioactive waste management. Modernization will increase efficiency and safety of operations performed. New equipment fully complies with the latest world trends in radioactive waste management.

Construction activities are performed according to the schedule. In addition to the general schedule, there is also a detailed one, in which measures are planned for each system: ventilation, physical protection, operational communication, etc. Electrical activities are completed. In August, builders will start installation of a poured floor.

All industrial equipment for this facility is already delivered. The radwaste certification kit will be at the NPP in the near future.

Once a month, a construction headquarters for completing the plant is arranged at the NPP with the participation of experts from the Energoatom, representatives of the scientific and production complex Automation and Engineering, Kharkiv Design Institute and subcontracting organizations.

“A large scope of activities have been carried out today”, Liudmyla Blyzniukova, Director of the Directorate on Radioactive Waste Management and Radiation Safety of the Energoatom said. “However, a lot of work still should be done. In parallel, documents, construction activities, obtaining different permissions there is under agreement with the SNRIU”

Radwaste treatment plants are under commissioning at all Ukrainian NPPs. At Rivne NPP, the facility was constructed and put into commercial operation. At Zaporizhzhya NPP, it is planned to commission the plant this year.

ZNPP Press Service