Holtec International Technologies to be Implemented at RNPP

Active efforts aimed at implementing the management technology of spent fuel from Holtec International Corporation (USA) are performed at Rivne NPP.

The implementation of Holtec spent fuel management technology is planned at three Ukrainian NPPs, in particular, the adaptation of the plant infrastructure at Rivne, South Ukrainian and Khmelnitsky nuclear power plant under the agreement signed by the Energoatom and Holtec International on the construction of the centralized spent fuel storage facility (the centralized SFSF) in Ukraine.

According to Pavlo Sydorenko, head of Rivne NPP energy and maintenance unit, the list of measures to be implemented at RNPP based on the American Holtec technology with the purpose of exporting spent fuel from the plant territory to the site of the centralized SFSF includes the activities in different areas such as the modernization and reconstruction of the systems and equipment, and supply of containers for spent fuel loading, unloading and transport.

To date, contracts were concluded and activities were launched to modernize and reconstruct refueling machines in RNPP central halls. All the activities aimed at the modernization and reconstruction of refueling machines at units 1 and 2, their testing and putting into trial operation is planned end of this year. Regarding similar activities at units 3 and 4 to be implemented in 2019, the contracts were concluded and their implementation was started.

Putting into operation the equipment maintenance and storage sites is planned end of this year. The maintenance site is designed to place all equipment to be used in Holtec operations, and the storage site is designed to place spent fuel containers until their transfer from RNPP territory. The contracts for the construction of the both sites are currently concluded.

The design documents for the reconstruction of the following additional systems is under completion: pure concentrate, boron concentrate, inert gas supply, video surveillance, decontamination and power supply systems. Equipping of the conditioned systems will be completed this year, and their reconstruction will be implemented in 2019.

In addition, RNPP envisages reconstruction and modernization of lifting mechanisms such as polar cranes. These activities will be implemented at units 1 and 2 end of 2019 and at units 3 and 4 by 2020 during scheduled outage.

The incoming inspection of Holtec equipment is currently underway in the warehouses of SE “Skladske Hospodarstvo”; the site for its acceptance was prepared. Testing of the railways for delivery of heavy loads to RNPP and three conveyors intended for their transfer will be completed end of this year.

“The deadline for the implementation of all activities based on the Holtec International technology is 2020. There are currently no challenges; we are fully provided with financing. All the activities depending on RNPP staff will be undoubtedly fulfilled on time, and spent fuel shipment will start in 2 years”, Pavlo Sydorenko concluded.

RNPP Press Service