Implementation of E-Tickets for Visitors Started in the Exclusion Zone

The Electronic Ticket system, which will improve the bilateral communication with visitors, provide transparency of making application for visiting the exclusion zone and unconditional (mandatory) resettlement zone, has started operation in the test mode.

“Due to the growing demand of the public, formation of a convenient infrastructure and quality services for visitors has become an important task that the Agency has to fulfill. E-ticket implementation will provide prompt, comfort and transparent procedures for visiting the exclusion zone, but the main aspect is radiation safety while staying in this territory”, Vitaliy Petruk, Head of the State Agency of Ukraine on Exclusion Zone Management emphasizes.

According to Andriy Naumov, Director of the Information and Support Center, due to automation of the new system, the procedure for filing applications to visit the exclusion zone is simplified and the period for their processing is shortened. In addition, processing and developing of visiting programs provide bilateral communication with the applicants, which ensures transparency of the processes. In addition, implementing e-tickets will save more than 400,000 sheets of paper annually.

He also noted that currently the system would work in parallel with the current algorithm for making applications as a pilot. The results will be analyzed and based on the conclusions, the system will be improved. After making an application through the system, only technical corrections will be accepted until the time of invoicing.

SEZA Press Service