IAEA to Develop Recommendations for Ukraine to Improve Terminology of Ukrainian Legislation in Radioactive Waste Management

Ukrainian experts jointly with IAEA expert mission develop recommendations to improve legislative terminology in radioactive waste management.

“Ukrainian terminology in radioactive waste management was legally established mostly in the 1990s and is currently not in line with international standards. We appealed for assistance to IAEA experts to jointly remove all gaps and inconsistencies in national legislation and establish a transparent and reliable system for safe radioactive waste management in Ukraine”, First Deputy Head of the State Agency of Ukraine on Exclusion Zone Management (SEZA) Oleh Nasvit said.

The working group consisting of experts from IAEA, SEZA, Energoatom, ChNPP and Radon enterprises studied in detail the main documents determining radioactive waste management process at the legislative level. Upon the results, they identified a number of urgent issues that require an early correction in view of the prospect of a large radwaste amount resulting from NPP units decommissioning and dismantling of ChNPP 1-3 equipment. According to experts, timely improvement of Ukrainian legislation will help to avoid delays during these large-scale activities.

The basis for the development of expert recommendations is IAEA Safety Guide (GSR Part 3), IAEA Glossary 2016, and other IAEA documents (GSR Part 5, GSR Part 6 and SSR-5), which are universally recognized international examples of terminology in radioactive waste management.

According to Oleh Nasvit, IAEA recommendations will give grounds to the Agency to initiate necessary changes in the terminology of Ukrainian legislation in this area.

Photo: State Agency of Ukraine on Exclusion Zone Management

For reference:
Legislative and regulatory framework used by the experts during the work: 
1. Law of Ukraine “On Radioactive Waste Management”
2. Law of Ukraine “On Nuclear Energy Use and Radiation Safety”
3. Radiation Safety Standards of Ukraine (NRBU -97)
4. DGN 6.6.1.-6.5.061-2000 Radiation Safety Standards of Ukraine, Addendum: Radiation Protection against Potential Exposure Sources. State Health Standards (NRBU-97 D-2000)
5. Basic Health and Radiation Safety Rules of Ukraine. State Health and Safety Rules 6.177-2005-09-02 (OSPU-2005) approved by MOH Order No.54 of 02 February 2005,registered under No. 552/10832 of 29 May 2005 in the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine
6. Procedure for the Release of Radioactive Materials from Regulatory Control under Practical Activities approved by Order of the State Nuclear Regulatory Committee of Ukraine No. 84 of 01 July 2010
7. Health Standards “Levels of Radioactive Materials Release from Regulatory Control” approved by Ordinance of Chief State Medical Doctor of Ukraine No.22 of 30 June 2010
8. Basic Control Levels, Release Levels and Levels of Actions on Radioactive Contamination of Objects of the Exclusion Zone and Unconditional (Obligatory) Resettlement Area approved by the Ministry of Emergencies and Public Protection against Chernobyl Accident Consequences, 2008
9. General Safety Provisions for Radioactive Waste Management approved by the State Nuclear Regulatory Inspectorate of Ukraine No.331 of 13 August 2018
10. General Safety Provisions for Predisposal Radioactive Waste Management approved by the State Nuclear Regulatory Inspectorate of Ukraine No 279 of 01 August 2017 

State Agency of Ukraine on Exclusion Zone Management