Energoatom Specialists engaged in Westinghouse fuel extraction recieve training on the SCALE calculation code

An introductory course on the use of SCALE neutronic software complex (developed by Oak Ridge National Laboratory, ORNL) was conducted under the implementation of Westinghouse modernized fuel (FA-WR) at Ukrainian NPPs in the division of SS “Scientific and Technical Center” (STC), Energoatom in Odessa for Company’s experts from 12 to 16 November 2018.

SCALE software complex is already used in the State Enterprise “State Scientific and Technical Center for Nuclear and Radiation Safety” (SSTC NRS) during nuclear and radiation safety reviews of the fresh and spent fuel management systems of Ukrainian NPPs.

The introductory course participants were experts from Zaporizhzhya NPP, South Ukraine NPP and Scientific and Technical Center, who were directly involved in FA-WR fuel implementation, as well as experts from Khmelnitsky and Rivne NPP in order to improve personnel skills. The training was conducted with the involvement of SSTC NRS experts.

The purpose of this course was to obtain information on the algorithm of the computer models and analyze nuclear safety of the management systems of FA-WR and FA-A fresh and spent fuel.

The representatives of NPPs and Energoatom Scientific and Technical Center were familiarized with functional features of SCALE software codes during the theoretical training. The results of the current criticality calculations of the fresh and spent fuel storage systems, as well as the results of SSTC NRS R&D using SCALE code were revised during the practical course.

Based on the introductory course results, each expert was provided with an SSTC NRS certificate on gained theoretical and practical skills in using SCALE software program complex.

The activities aimed at acquisition of user rights for SCALE code (Version 6.2) in accordance with RSICC procedure (Radiation Safety Information Computational Center, USA) are currently performed jointly with the Westinghouse Company (USA).

Extended practical exercises on using SCALE code is envisaged for Energoatom experts in 2019.