SNRIU Initiates Amendment of Certain Ukrainian Laws

Draft Laws of Ukraine “On Amending Certain  Laws of Ukraine in Nuclear Energy Use” No. 7471-d of 21 May 2018 and No. 5550-d of 21 May 2018 were submitted to the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine for consideration.

The abovementioned draft laws aim at state regulation in ​​nuclear energy use in accordance with the international obligations assumed by Ukraine under ratification of international conventions and signing the Association Agreement with the European Union. Adoption of these draft laws will comply with the primary goal: nuclear and radiation safety and state regulation in ​​nuclear energy use will be implemented in accordance with the Laws of Ukraine “On Nuclear Energy Use and Radiation Safety” and “Authorizing Activities in Nuclear Energy Use”, which were adopted taking into account the aforementioned obligations of Ukraine.

In particular, Draft Law No. 7471-d of 21 May 2018 proposes to amend the Law of Ukraine “On the Main Principles of State Oversight (Control) in Economic Activities” on limiting the extension of the mentioned law to the oversight of meeting safety requirements on nuclear energy use and the Law of Ukraine “On Licensing Economic Activities” on the non-extension of this law to the procedure for issuing, reissuing and revoking licenses for economic activities in nuclear energy use and control of meeting  the requirements of license conditions by licensees in this area.

Draft Law of Ukraine No. 5550-d of 21 May 2018 proposes to amend the Laws of Ukraine “On Nuclear Energy Use and Radiation Safety”, “On Authorizing Activities in Nuclear Energy Use”, “On Human Protection Against Radiation”, “On Uranium Ore Mining and Processing” to bring them into compliance with European legislation and international safety standards in nuclear energy use. In particular, those, which establish requirements for occupational and medical exposure, regulation of uranium ore management safety, and radiation protection in an existing exposure situation.

The largest contribution to public exposure from artificial radiation sources is provided by exposure resulting from medical procedures. At the same time, the contribution of medical diagnostic exposure to the collective exposure dose of the public from artificial sources may reach 80% (only from fluorographic screening conducted in Ukraine within the tuberculosis diagnostics program: 44%).

According to the State Register of Radiation Sources, 10096 X-ray diagnostic devices are operated in Ukraine for more than 30-60 years (for comparison, in European countries, service life of such X-ray equipment is not more than 10 years). For example, film fluorographic X-ray devices are prohibited in all EU countries, however in Ukraine, they are still actively imported.

Inspections conducted by SNRIU state inspectors determine that the results of measuring dose-forming parameters of devices and devices themselves according to their radiation characteristics do not meet national and European standards that leads to exposure dose increase for patients and deterioration of diagnostic information quality.

That is why it is very important to use only those radiation sources (radiological medical equipment) for medical exposure in Ukraine that meet international and national requirements and safety standards.

At the same time, we are not talking about the prohibition to use X-ray devices that are in operation and closure of radiological rooms. Adoption of the proposed amendments to the legislation (Draft Law No. 5550-d) will stop import and production of low-quality medical radiological equipment in Ukraine.

According to the SNRIU