Coherence is the main key to success. That was proved by Ukrainian experts on radiation safety in medicine for the third time

Modern methods of diagnosis and treatment of the complex diseases lead to an increase in the number of diagnostic and therapeutic devices. Also for this methods and instruments is required the well-coordinated and high-quality work of the bunch of medical, physical and engineering stuff, as well as guarantees of the precision and accuracy in equipment work. Therefore, high-qualified personnel with deep knowledge of both the medical and the technical part of the process are needed to deal with therapeutic and diagnostic machines. The necessity of systematization the issues of the adiation protection in medicine forces to start the development of the documents that will help to define the functions and responsibilities of all workers involved in the field of ionizing radiation in medicine in the shortest time.

At the end of December 2018, the State Nuclear Regulatory Inspectorate had held the third working meeting of the Interagency Working Group of Experts on Radiation Protection in Medicine. At the meeting was presented the Group Annual Work Report 2018, which outlined the plans and tasks of the working group and showed the results of the work had been carried out last year. Together with experts on metrology were considered the problematic issues of the metrological maintenance of medical radiological equipment and the monitoring of the dose-forming parameters of X-ray diagnostic devices. It was decided to develop the uniformity of approaches on the clinical dosimeters calibration as a part of quality assurance program, and to develop the general forms of the X-ray diagnostics quality control protocols together with the Grigoriev Institute of Medical Radiology. The approval became proposals of the Ukrainian Association of Medical Physicists about the implementation of Protocols and Recommendations for Medical Physicists as a part of Concept of the Medical Physics formation in Ukraine as well as Recommendations on Master`s Program in Medical Physics. It was decided to make this protocols the part of regulations documents on radiation safety in Ukraine in the near future.

According to the work plan of the Group for 2019 the implementation of the most tasks will be extended. The current top priority have the questions of the implementation common approaches in the quality assurance of clinical dosimeters and in the measurements of radiation beam characteristic, so as quality control of X-ray diagnostic equipment (meeting protocol).

The meeting of the Interagency Working Group of Experts on Radiation Protection in Medicine was attended by the representatives of the SNRCU, SSTC NRS, the State Center for Public Health of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, the National Cancer Institute of Ukraine, the Grigoriev Institute of Medical Radiology, National Center for Radiation Medicine, Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine, Association of Radiologists of Ukraine, All-Ukrainian Association of Medical Physicists and Engineers, Ukrainian Association of Medical Physicists, Taras Shevchenko National University of Kiev, Kiev City Clinical Oncology Center, Shupika National Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education, Oncology Clinic “Innovation”, Clinical Hospital “Feofaniya”, SE “Ukrmetrteststandart”, SE “Kievoblstandartmetrologiya”, Scientific Center for Quantum Measurements NTC “Institute of Metrology”, Health Department of the Dnepropetrovsk Regional State Administration, OJSC Research Institute for Radiation Protection Of Ukraine” (full list of the participants). Editorial Board