Ukrainian President Decree

On measures to support the development of nuclear energy and improving safety in the use of nuclear energy

In order to improving nuclear and radiation safety, as well as the state’s energy independence, ensure the sustainable functioning and further development of nuclear energy, integrate the united energy system of Ukraine into the European energy system, properly fulfill Ukraine’s international obligations in the field of nuclear energy, and strengthen the social protection of citizens living in the territories of observation zones, I decree:

1.The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine: 1) to submit in the established manner, for consideration by the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine:

a) without delay – a bill on the location, design and construction of power units No. 3 and No. 4 of the Khmelnitsky nuclear power plant;

b) in a two-month period – bills:

on introducing amendments to some laws of Ukraine regarding the improvement of the mechanism for protecting financial asset for the decommissioning of nuclear units, which is formed in accordance with the Law of Ukraine “On streamlining issues related to ensuring nuclear safety”, against inflations;

on amendments to the Budget Code of Ukraine on the allocation of fund raised for socio-economic compensation of the risk of the population living in the observation zone to the sources for the formation of a special fund of the State Budget of Ukraine to ensure that such funds are guaranteed as subventions to the respective local budgets;

on amending the Law of Ukraine “On the State Budget of Ukraine for 2019” on increasing the amount of subventions from the state budget to the local budgets to finance social and economic compensation measures for the risk of the population living in the observation zone;

2) to take actions aimed at comprehensive support and implementation of the pilot project “Energy Bridge” Ukraine – the European Union”, which are:

the work with the participation of the National Commission that implementing state regulation in the fields of energy and utilities, the use of the mechanism of temporary imposition of a special duty to provide services of ensuring the development of generating capacity to ensure public interests in the operation of the electric energy market;

to ensure that necessary consultations are held with the European Union and the Energy Community Secretariat on issues related to the support and implementation of the project;

3) to ensure the improvement of the safety system of nuclear power plants, coordinated with the measures for the physical protection of nuclear facilities, improving protection and reliability of power units based on threats to energy security;

4) to provide the immediate creation of the local production of nuclear fuel for national nuclear power plants, involving entities engaged in the production of electrical energy in nuclear power plants;

5) to promote the introduction of modern technologies in nuclear power plants with a high level of reliability and safety (small modular reactors) and provide the production of equipment necessary for the application of such technologies at national enterprises;

6) to take actions for the development of storage capacity, primarily using modern technologies in order to effectively regulate the daily electricity consumption in the united energy system of Ukraine;

7) to increase the efficiency of management of state-owned enterprises, institutions and organizations operating in the field of radioactive waste management;

8) to take actions to ensure proper and fully financing of construction of the storage facilities and infrastructure necessary for siting and long-term storage with subsequent disposal of vitrified high-level radioactive waste from the reprocessing of spent nuclear fuel and other radioactive waste from nuclear power plants.

2. To acknowledge the necessity of ensuring the effective independence of the Regulatory State Body in the field of nuclear and radiation safety, strengthening its institutional and financial viability.

3. The Coordination Center for ensuring interaction with the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine shall provide monitoring and analysis of the implementation of the actions of this Decree, and make organizational support for their implementation.

4. This Decree shall enter into force on the day of its publication.

President of Ukraine P. Poroshenko

April 4, 2019

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