Interagency Working Group Continues Improving Radiation Protection in Medicine

On 23 May 2019, the fourth meeting of the experts within the meetings of the Interagency Working Group on Radiation Protection in Medicine (hereinafter called the Group) was held in the SNRIU under the chairmanship of Ruslana Tripailo, SNRIU Deputy Chairperson.

The group consists of the highly qualified experts on radiation protection – representatives of the largest healthcare institutions, professional medical organization, meteorological centers, higher educational establishments, scientific institutions of the National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine and the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Ministry of Health of Ukraine and SNRIU (the list of Group experts). 

Several issues important for the industry were discussed at the fourth meeting. The implementation of a systemic approach to the training and recognition of experts on radiation protection and experts on medical physics will allow the improvement of radiation protection in medicine to a new level.

The experts made a conclusion that measures on the optimization of radiation protection in the diagnostic radiology shall include the implementation of the system for quality control of medical radiological equipment, arrangement of operation of healthcare institutions using diagnostic reference levels and the determination of methodologies to assess doses obtained by patients during computer tomography.

The accuracy of dose received by the patient is annually checked to control the quality of X-ray equipment through the TLD audit of the quality of equipment dosimetric calibration. The results of such an audit for remote gamma therapy equipment for 2018-2019 were presented during the Group meeting. The measures were proposed for the cases of obtaining negative results of the specified audit.

 “The activities of the Interagency Group of experts is a strong support to the SNRIU in the regulation of the radiation safety issues related to the medical use of radiation”, said Ruslana Tripailo, SNRIU Deputy Chairperson.

The Group participants agreed upon the priority issues proposed by the SNRIU for further activities of the Group until the end of 2019. The main objective of the Group is to develop and implement the roadmap that is the action plan for the implementation of international safety requirements (IAEA), EU legislation, national laws on medical exposure.

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The following reports were presented during the meeting:

Liudmyla Aslamova, Director of the National Scientific Center of Radiation Safety of the Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, IAEA expert, First Vice President of the Ukrainian Association of Medical Physics and Engineers, on the practice and international  experience of implementing the system and procedure for the recognition of experts on radiation protection and experts on medical physics, who will provide qualified consultations on the compliance with requirements of laws, regulations, rules and standards of nuclear and radiation safety to the medical institutions using nuclear energy and their main qualification characteristics (requirements);

Larysa Stadnyk, Head of the Central Laboratory of Radiation Safety and Radiation Dosimetry of the State Institution “Grigoriev Institute for Medical Radiology”, on the analysis of the results of individual dosimetric control performed in 2018 for personnel of healthcare institutions of Ukraine related to A and B categories;

Ruslan Zelinsky, President of Ukrainian Association of Medical Physics, employer of the Medical Center “Spizhenko Clinic”, on the development of a training course for medical physics and establishment of a school for medical physics on X-ray therapy.

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