Radioactive finds on the territory of Ukraine

The Regional Inspectorate for Nuclear and Radiation Safety of the SNRIU together with the relevant structural divisions of the central executive authorities of Ukraine, constantly provides the detection and removal of radioactive materials that are illegally treated with their mandatory return to regulatory control.

In May, a radioisotope fire detector, RID-1 type, containing an insignificant amount of plutonium-239 was found in Kharkiv near a residential building.

Cases of detection of scrap metal contaminated with radioactive materials are not uncommon. Thus, in May, 2019, the input radiation monitoring systems at Zaporizhstal OJSC established an excess of the equivalent dose rate (EDR) of gamma radiation in a carriage with scrap metal. As a result of the inspection, 2 tons of metal pipes contaminated with radium-226 were detected.

All dangerous items were seized and sent for further safe and secure storage at the state interregional specialized combine of the State Corporation “Ukr GO” Radon”.

Based on materials of SNRIU