At the Chernobyl NPP started processing the liquid radioactive waste plant.

During the first week of operation of the liquid radioactive waste processing plant (LRWPP), which is located at the industrial site of the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant (ChNPP), 2,755 kg of liquid radioactive waste (vat residue) was successfully processed.

According to ChNPP specialists, during the processing liquid waste passes through several stages and, as a result, it is turned into solid radioactive waste by cementing, which is a safer form of radioactive waste storage and disposal. Now 34 packages resulting from processing are located in the aging room on the industrial site of the ChNPP. After cooling and radiation monitoring for compliance with the acceptance criteria for disposal, packages be sent for disposal in specially equipped near surface solid radioactive waste repositories (NSSRWR).

“To date, take place the phased development of its design capacity. Gradually, the plant should recycle 42 packages – barrels with a capacity of 200 liters – per day. With the uninterrupted operation of the plant throughout the 250 working days, it is 10.5 thousand packs per year, ”said Vitaly Petruk, Chairman of the State Agency on the Management of the Exclusion Zone.

For reference:

The plant project for processing liquid radioactive waste was approved by the Ordinance of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine in 2001 and was funded by the State Budget of Ukraine and the Nuclear Safety Account. In 2014, construction was completed and complex tests were carried out, as a result of that was:

• recycled 5.1 m3 of bottoms;
• produced 63 packages of radioactive waste (200-liter barrels);
• sent to the disposal of 63 packages of RW to the NSSRWR.

In 2014, a separate permit was issued by the SNRIU to operate the LRWPP, but in connection with the introduction of new building codes, it became necessary to reconstruct fire protection systems, protect against lightning and perform works on the insulation of the outer walls of the LRWPP, what took time and, accordingly, caused a delay in entering object in operation.

Also during this time, was concluded an agreement on the supply of binding materials (LTSEM I-400 cement) of the required quality for immobilization of radioactive waste in the amount of 310 tons. 04.07.2019 delivery of 50 tons of LZEM I-400 cement to NSSRWR was completed, what allowed to start processing of the vat residue.

State Agency of Ukraine on the Management of the Exclusion Zone

Photo: State Specialized Enterprise “Chernobyl NPP”