In 2019 NPPs Generated 54% of all Electricity in Ukraine

The share of Energoatom electricity of the total electricity production in Ukraine in 2019 amounted to 54.1%. This is slightly more than in 2018 (53.1%).

During the last year, the Energoatom supplied 78 billion 171 million kWh of electricity to the country’s unified energy system, with a planned amount of 76 billion 582 million kWh. It means that the planned task for electricity supply was completed by 102.1%.

Additional electricity production beyond the plan became possible due to reducing the time for scheduled outage of Ukrainian NPP units by 97 days. According to the company, this is almost three months of continuous operation of one nuclear power unit with a capacity of 1000 MW.

Reference: the Energoatom is the operator of four operating nuclear power plants in Ukraine, where 15 nuclear power units (13 VVER-1000 and 2 VVER-440) with a total installed capacity of 13835 MW, 2 hydraulic units of the Tashlyk hydraulic pumped storage power plant with an installed capacity of 302 MW and 2 hydraulic units of the Oleksandrivka hydraulic power plant with an installed capacity of 11.5 MW are operated.

The Energoatom provides about 55% of the Ukraine’s electricity needs. During previous years, in the autumn-winter periods, this figure reached 70%.

According to Energoatom