Deputy Minister: Renewable Sources and Nuclear Energy Will Substitute Coal-Fired Power Plants by 2050

According to the concept of “Green Transition”, which was presented in January 2020 by the Ministry of Energy and Environmental Protection, in 2050 a significant share of generation will be renewable energy sources (RES), nuclear energy, biogas.

This was stated by Deputy Minister of Energy and Environmental Protection Oleksandr Maslichenko on March 6 during a round table “Natural Gas: Transitional Fuel between Fossil Resources and Renewable Energy Sources” in the Committee on Energy and Housing of Ukraine.

“(In 2050, — ed.) Wind and solar energy will occupy a significant share, nuclear — too. Biogas and biomethane will be used to a significant extent, ”Maslichenko said.

According to him, there will be a tendency to gradually close coal-fired power plants by 2050 and reduce the share of nuclear generation while increasing the share of RES.

“We believe that biogas and biomethane will be developed, and natural gas will be used in electricity to a lesser extent. Although this share is still insignificant today. But as for the load-following capacity that will balance the system, we forecast 1-1.5 billion (cubic meters of gas, — ed.) of needs there, ” said Maslichenko.

According to Ukrainska Energetyka.